Salary Negotiation Advice Coaching


You’ve worked hard to get to the point where you are getting a job offer.

Save time. Order and schedule a session with me and I’ll prepare you for negotiating your offer.


“I consulted with Jeff as I was making a career move. Jeff helped me land my dream job and get what I wanted in the compensation package. I can’t begin to tell you how valuable a bit of NY chutzpah is in a salary negotiation!”


“The man knows his stuff and explains it very well. One session with him and I felt so much better prepared to go into the negotiation . . . and it paid off for me with them paying me more than they planned to!”


“If I hadn’t spoken with Jeff, the offer I would have received would have been a lot lower! He’s well worth the money!”



“Without Jeff, I would have left $10,000 on the table. Well worth the cost.”



“Jeff helped me without damaging my relationship with my new boss!”







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