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“I have done state agencies, resumes, career fairs, thank you letters networking etc.  For me, sir, it is my goal to get a job that fits my training and get professional experience and stop the cycle of jobs that have no relation to my background.  Keep up the good work Jeff.”

Great, easy to follow advice from an industry expert: Mr. Altman has incredible insight into today’ job market. His podcasts and articles have turned my job seeking from struggling to positive in only a couple days. These podcasts are not overly long so invest some time and you too will see results.”

“Jeff has been a great help to me and many others.

He has a great no-nonsense communication style. His knowledge and expertise have helped me on a regular basis.”

“I haven’t had to search for a job in a long time, so am way out of touch. Jeff’s insights and suggestions are very helpful in getting me back into searching and keeping me motivated.”




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