Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching


Stop searching for jobs and sending your resume to places where it won’t be seen!

Stop using the free outplacement service or low cost “career consultants” referred by your former employer.

You usually get what you pay for–theoretical information but not the useful information that comes from having filled jobs with companies for these many years.

Hire me as your job search coach to help you negotiate through the minefields of the job market.

“Excelling at work is one thing; finding — and getting — a job is another. That’s where Jeff comes in. 

I’m perfectly good at what I do, but searching for a job and selling myself to a prospective employer is a whole other gig that can demand a very different skill set, one that has nothing to do with what we do at work. Selling oneself via a resume, cover letter, and the modern equivalent of cold calls — emails — is tough. I feel so fortunate that I had Jeff at my side to help me focus in on how to search for a job, how to put together an effective resume and cover letter, and how to followup in interviews.

Jeff’s so easy to work with. It’s like having a best friend or big brother keeping an eye on things, offering sage advice, and being there for all the ups and downs. Jeff is insanely approachable, kind, honest, and wise. And his integrity is beyond words. Jeff was a treasured stabilizing force during a daunting time … and he got me where I needed to go. After just three months, I’m gainfully employed and making nearly twice my old salary! Jeff coached me through every step of the way with bulletproof advice that worked again and again.”

“Great stuff Jeff! I’ll stay tuned for sure. Thanks for helping out people like me. Sometimes all we need is a positive thought and advice that comes from proven experience.”

Want to book one month? That’s fine. We can book a month.


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Too often people rely upon people for advice at critical junctures of their job search that are poorly equipped to advise them. Sometimes what you need are fresh eyes listening to your circumstances and offering expert experience. Sometimes, you need the ear of someone trained as a job search coach offering cures to your problems (To remind you, I am an MSW from Fordham University and attended the Institute of Modern Psychoanalysis for several years).

Whether it is my headhunting experience or my experience as a therapist, I am uniquely qualified to aid you as a job hunter get (back) on the right path and quickly.

NOTE: I only work with individuals at a manager level and above.  If you are not at least at a manager level, please do not contact me for coaching.

I will, however, answer your questions through and if you join

Interview Preparation Let me prepare you for your next interview. 

Salary Negotiation Advice: Let’s talk tactics and strategies before you get into hand-to-hand combat with your potential employer.

Job Search Makeover: There is no reason to hit your head against a wall. If your search is not going well, let’s dissect what is occurring and let’s work together to identify the places where what you are doing is broken and how to fix them. 

Trusted Adviser: Do you have a job offer or two and unsure of which to take? Is that job offer just not sitting well with you. Let’e talk about it and let me share my observations. After all, I do not have a vested interest in which one you take or what your choice is like a recruiter does. You hire me and I work for you.

Jeff Altman is a skilled and very savvy mentor in many areas, most specifically navigating career transition.

The advice he offered was leveraged and resulted in a very solid approach to successful compensation negotiation.  Simply he told me how to discuss money in a way that was very empowering and respected by the company I was offered a position to join.

We also discussed how to present certain aspects of my resume that could be misunderstood if appropriate explanation didn’t occur.

Even down to the use of transition words during an interview (interviewer asks a question – take the time to verbally appreciate the question before responding).

How to find out about the corporate culture (what I would be facing when hired) without giving away my negotiating position or fueling doubt on their part.  This was one of the many discussions Jeff provided priceless help in addressing.

For these examples above and more that are too wordy to offer – please accept this endorsement of Jeff, and his numerous talents on your career journey.

“I’m happy to report that I was offered the job yesterday and have accepted it.

                                                                                                                                    N.T. , Sr. Project Manager

Thanks for your help regarding body language and being “my brilliant self.” It was really helpful for me in portraying myself in a confident manner.”

                                                                                                                                   G.F., Production Coordinator

“You were able to point out many flaws in my job search and get me on the right track FAST! I think I would still be job hunting if we hadn’t worked with one another.”

                                                                                                                                   G.P., Chief Operating Officer

“You made a big difference to me. I’m sure you’ll make a big difference to others.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Him   B. B., Director


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