Job Search Makeovers

Sometimes, a person is doing OK in their job search. They’ve put together a resume. They think their LinkedIn profile is good. They’re networking and getting introductions to people but some things are not quite clicking yet.

Maybe their resume and LinkedIn profiles aren’t getting the requests to interview they thought they should be getting.

Maybe, you don’t interview as well as you think, or negotiate with as much “oomph” as you should.

Whatever it is, you know you could be and should be doing better.

Too many people make the mistake of “looking for help in all the wrong places” by asking friends, family, well-meaning people who represent themselves as being knowledgeable and experienced in such matters

I started doing a scaled down version of these makeovers on my podcast, Job Search Radio, and they have been extremely helpful to my guests and listeners.

Now, I am offering an in-depth makeover for job hunters at this low introductory price of $500.

Let me break down what you are doing right and doing wrong so that you can find your next job much more quickly.

Our session will last for about an hour while I get to know you and your goals, what you have done so far and how you’e gone about doing it, review your resume and LinkedIn profile, as well as discuss ideas with you for how to do things better customized for you.

What’s best of all is that you will receive an audio of our conversation so that you know you won’t miss anything.

I can’t help you become knowledgeable in your field but I will help you go from “Average Joe” or “Average Jane” to a become a job search super model with knowledge of the process and the ability to succeed at it


Order your Job Search Makeover today for only $799.00 

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