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“What a great audio file, I think i will add this to my list of interview questions.”

“Most recruiters are stupid and waste time. Not Jeff. He is an ally to me, even making great suggestions when I ask him for them. That’s a big difference from others. He does it when I ask him for them, not to ‘close a sale.'”

  AK, Director Systems

“Jeff is like the song in ‘Ghostbusters’ When activity is stalled and we need it filled, who ya gonna call? JEFF ALTMAN!”


“Jeff is a great recruiter. I have worked with him for years and he really gets it and gets up to speed quickly on the search and produces well qualifed candidates in short order! He is everything you want in a search firm (but seldom find)- ethical, hard-working and professional.”

DA, Recruiting Manager

“I’ve known Jeff for many years and this time hired him for what he calls, “Paper Services.”

He listened to our concerns and requirements and found four very good people for us quickly, gave us insights and advice about each, and allowed us to select one who we believe will be perfect for us . . . all for an extremely reasonable price. Jeff under-promised and over-delivered, just as I remember him doing years ago. Definitely worth hiring to recruit or research for you!”

P.M., Hospitality Industry Leader H.R Professional

“Jeff Altman is a dedicated leader with a profound sense of integrity. He provides insight and maturity to any initiative to which he commits himself.”

JH, Asst. Director, Recruiting & Resource Management

“I found Jeff to be a excellent Recruiter who was quite pleasant to work with during these tough economic times…”

LM, PHR, Manager, Human Resources

“I am proud to say that I have known Jeff since 1996. I wish there were more men in the business world like him. He really looks out for others and because of his high integrity he is one of the few people I would have no problem doing business with on a hand alone. I am also proud to call “The Big Game Hunter” a friend! Take the time to get to know him and you will too.”

BB, Author, Coach

“Jeff is an ultimate professional and a great mentor. One can always walk up to him with any issues and Jeff would do almost everything to help. If anyone ever wants to know anything about recruiting Jeff always has the answer. I have been following him from my days at CIS. Today, Jeff is a well-recognized leader in the industry as “Big Game Hunter” with recruiting related radio shows, books, and blogs and so on.”

TK, Sr. Talent Management Professional

“I like working with Jeff. Unlike so many recruiters who tell me about the perfect applicant who isn’t anywhere near perfect, Jeff’s “No B. S.” approach is both refreshing makes working with him a pleasure. AND he gets results.”

                                                                                             C.C. HR Business Partner

“Jeff uses his incredible intelligence and understanding to provide amazing fits between people and positions. When he recommends someone, you can rest assured it is with thought, caring and purpose. Everyone I have hired htrough Jeff has been an excellent fit/outcome. His abilities work just as well when you are the candidate. Highly recommended.”

RE, Managing Principal

“Jeff is an expert in the fields of recruiting and job hunting advice, and his work is frequently inspirational. I look forward to receiving his updates on a regular basis.”

WG, HR Professional


CM, Director

“I truly enjoy receiving your E-mails and sage advice — you are one of the wisest people I have encountered in your field, and I would imagine your corporate clients also highly value your contribution.”

T.S. EVP, Non-Profit Organization

“Always a pleasure working with Jeff!”

G.M., Development Manager, Software & Services Solutions Firm


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