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Many of you have heard or read about the notion that it takes 10000 hours of doing something to reach mastery.

I am someone who has, conservatively done 10000 hours . . . times 9!

90000 hours of experience helping people find work and companies hire talent.


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21 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I pitched a no hitter in the little league

2. I grew up in The Bronx

3. I once went on a date where I traveled 2 and a half hours on the subway and a bus to get there.

4. My first real job out of school was as a messenger

5. My brother’s name is Alex

6. I ran and finished The New York Marathon

7. When I started my first job in recruiting, I earned a draw against commission of $125 per week.

8. I have been married more than once (I interview better now)

9. I have lived in Queens twice

10. I love ice cream and my favorite is from a little place in Pennsylvania called Manning’s.

11. When I was in college, I spoke with a phoney (and bad) British accent.

12. I was the lead singer for a band named, “Swago.”

13. I used to be a “political kid” and did advance work.

14. My parents’ names were Abe and Lola.

15. I was the first person in my neighborhood to hit a jump shot.

16. I played stickball on Sherman Avenue in The Bronx and hit a ball so far it traveled more than 4 sewers and on top of a five story building.

17. My best friends growing up were Sheldon and Jerry.

18. It took me more than 10 years to write my first book.

19. I wrote my first blog post in August 2001.

20. I almost always am up before 5 AM

21. I will never read “50 Shades of Grey.”



Jeff Altman

The Big Game Hunter*



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