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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

More than 523,000 people



I know it may sound like a billboard at a fast food restaurant but the fact remains, I have evaluated more than 523,000 people in my career and filled more than 1198 positions in the United States.  

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I provide job search and career coaching to many through PrestoExperts  and my Job Search Coaching program.


Before I tell you about all the valuable content I make available here freely, I want to pass the hat. You have access to lots of information you can watch, listen to or read to help you find work. Each book I’ve written, each podcast I’ve created, each YouTube video I offer was created at the price of time away from my family and my work.

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As much as you may think of recruiters in an unkind manner, I am being open and asking for you to support the work I do to provide the great information offered here.


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Podcast two shows about finding work, Job Search Radio and “No B. S. Job Search Advice Radio” plus “another about hiring, recruiting and staffing called No B. S. Hiring Advice Radio. As a matter of fact, why not subscribe to them in iTunes and leave a favorable review while you’re at it.


“Used the two questions podcast technique today in an interview. We started out as ‘hiring 3rd quarter 2015′ and took it to ‘maybe we need to bring you in sooner.’ “


                                                                            -G.R., Information Management 


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“Thanks for all you do. I for one appreciate it.”



I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I’ve been hunting down leaders and staff for organizations for more than 40 years and helping business grow.   



You can also learn about the different programs I offer to help organizations hire leaders and staff throughout the US as well as read or watch content I have curated for hr professionals, hiring managers and business owners to help you make better staffing decisions.


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I see my role as helping the world find work. 


Sometimes, I am able to do it in my role as a headhunter. 


Sometimes it is going to be by providing great content to help you as a job hunter or you as an HR professional, hiring manager or business owner make even better staffing decisions.


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Finding Work Doesn’t Have to Be So Difficult.


Working With a Recruiter Doesn’t Have to Be Annoying. Let me help you.


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